A New Triathlon for Redditch, Birmingham and the West Midlands

General Race Info

Welcome to the Birmingham Triathlon which will be hosting a standard distance triathlon, sprint distance triathlon and super sprint distance triathlon. Entries are welcome from first time triathletes as well as experienced triathletes.

My First Triathlon

Do not be daunted if you are a first timer/novice as you will be in good company with a large contingent of first time triathletes expected. For novice triathletes there is a section on the website dedicated to your preparation for the event. You will also receive e-mail newsletters to further help you prepare.

Race Distances & Courses

Three race distances are available and all the courses run close to Redditch and the surrounding countryside full details of course lengths are given below.

Swim Bike Run
Olympic 1500m 40K 10K
Sprint 750m 20K 5K
Super Sprint 400m 10K 2.5K

Swim Course

The swim course is in Arrow Lake and you will require a wetsuit. Please try and use your wetsuit before the race and details of where to hire a wetsuit is provided on this website.

Bike Course

The bike course runs through the countryside surrounding Arow Country Park. The course is multiple lap to ensure that your supporters and general spectators have the chance to enjoy the racing. Cut off times will be imposed on the bike course whereby if you are on the course after a certain time you will not be allowed to finish the course.

Run Course

The run course is on the track surrounding Arrow Lake and is wholly contained within the Country Park.

Transition Layout

The transition area is the same for swim/bike and bike/run.

Race Rules

The race will be run under the British Triathlon Federation rules and refereed by their sanctioned referees. Please ensure you are aware of the rules regarding drafting for the bike course as you may attract time penalities otherwise. Full details of the rules of the British Triathlon Federation can be found by clicking the following button.

Getting to the Venue

The venue is located 1 mile of the M42 close to the M40, M6 and M5 and easily accessible from the M1. Access to such good traffic links means that you will probably not have to book local accommodation near the venue.

Car Parking

Parking is available at the venue in dedicated areas used for large exhibitions and concerts held at the park. Please arrive in good time to give yourself sufficient time to register, rack your bike and otherwise prepare for your race. Full details of the entrance to be used will be sent in your race information pack.

Race Insurance

To participate in a triathlon you must be insured and we will provide you with a British Triathlon Federation day license as part of your race entry fee. The day license insurance is third party insurance. Only those entrants who are members of the British Triathlon Federation will not have to pay this fee (membership confers insurance cover). BTF members will receive a discount from the entry fee on booking and will need to provide their card at registration.


During the entry process you will be asked to give details of medical conditions. This will remain confidential and only be used by the medical team attending the event. If you are feeling ill on the day of the event do not race.

Birmingham Triathlon Run
Birmingham Triathlon Bike
Birmingham Triathlon Run